Enquirer (Usually you)
Gary Johnson
10 Cassels Road Brunswick VIC 3056
0425 730 919
Your Dig Site
341 Danks Street Middle Park VIC 3206
Map of enquiry site
This map only displays the location of your proposed dig site (not showing any asset owner's pipes or cables). The area highlighted was used to identify the participating asset owners. They'll email their asset map information to you directly.
The enquiry details
Your reference:My job ref - SWX.123
Working on behalf of:Telstra VIC/TAS 2
Start date: 19/03/2021
End date: 08/04/2021
Enquiry date:02/03/2021 9:28am AEDT
Address:341 Danks Street Middle Park VIC 3206

Job purpose:Design
Onsite activities:Planning & Design
Location of workplace:Road Reserve
Location in road:Footpath, Nature Strip
Notes:Here are some notes about the job.
Check that the location of the dig site is correct. If not you must submit a new enquiry.
Should the scope of works change, or plan validity dates expire, you must submit a new enquiry.
Do not dig without plans. Safe excavation is your responsibility.
If you don't understand plans or how to proceed safely, please contact the relevant asset owners.
These asset owners will be in touch with you
City of Port Phillip Council
Referral ID:600004152
Status:Waiting for responses
Typical wait:
Phone: (03) 9321 3400
Email: copp@mailinator.com
Melbourne Water 2
Referral ID:600004153
Status:Waiting for responses
Typical wait:
Phone: 130009876
Email: swxsen@gmail.com
Telstra VIC/TAS 2
Referral ID:600004154
Status:Waiting for responses
Typical wait:
Phone: (03) 9321 3418
Email: test@mail.com
The fine print
Your responsibilities and Duty of Care

If plans are not received within 2 working days, contact the asset owners directly & quote their Sequence No.

ALWAYS perform an onsite inspection for the presence of assets. Should you require an onsite location, contact the asset owners directly. Please remember, plans do not detail the exact location of assets.

Pothole to establish the exact location of all underground assets using a hand shovel, before using heavy machinery.

Ensure you adhere to any State legislative requirements regarding Duty of Care and safe digging requirements.

If you damage an underground asset you MUST advise the asset owner immediately.

By using this service, you agree to Privacy Policy and the terms and disclaimers set out at www.1100.com.au

For more information on safe excavation practices, visit www.1100.com.au

Asset owner details

The assets owners listed below have been requested to contact you with information about their asset locations within 2 working days.

Additional time should be allowed for information issued by post. It is your responsibilityto identify the presence of any underground assets in and around your proposed dig site. Please be aware, that not all asset owners are registered with the Dial Before You Dig service, so it is your responsibility to identify and contact any asset owners not listed here directly.

** Asset owners highlighted by asterisks ** require that you visit their offices to collect plans.

# Asset owners highlighted with a hash require that you call them to discuss your enquiry or to obtain plans.

Association of Australian Dial Before You Dig Services Ltd does not maintain information regarding the location of underground assets. DBYD merely facilitates communication between the users of this service and Members/Participants. DBYD is not responsible for the accuracy of information received from users of this service, as to proposed excavation activity. There are also owners of underground assets which do not participate in the referral service operated by DBYD. Therefore, DBYD cannot make any representation or warranty as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information contained in this notice. DBYD and its employees, agents and consultants shall have no liability (except insofar as liability under any statute cannot be excluded) arising in respect thereof or in any other way for errors or omissions including responsibility to any person by reason of negligence.

All users of this service acknowledge that they have a duty of care to observe with regards to underground networks when digging or excavating. Please refer to your confirmation advice for further details.

All users of this service acknowledge and agree that they have read and understood the terms and disclaimers on which this service is provided, which is set out at www.1100.com.au.