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    From: Andy
    Company name: Bills
    Email: a.bills@veris.com.au
    Phone number: 0422971730
    Feedback topic: Online Enquiry system
    Feedback: Neutral
    Feedback Comments:

    Not sure if this is the best place to direct feedback regarding Next Gen DBYD (SmarterWX)?
    A couple of quick suggestions:

    Filtering enquiries and referrals needs to include Sequence and Job numbers. It’s hard to find the right one in a big list.

    The list view does not refresh, or have a refresh button. A referral can say ‘waiting’ but when clicked on, it says ‘responded’. However, closing that details panel does not refresh the list – so there’s a conflict of status shown. The only way to refresh is sort/re-sort I think?

    Kind regards


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