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Referral Specification

As a Dial Before You Dig member, you receive referrals each time an enquiry is lodged that intersects with your area of interest. This page helps you understand the format for those enquiries and how to interpret the data you receive.

Referral Specification Document

Click below to review the referral specification in detail.

2021-03-02 Updated to version 1.1
2021-03-15 Updated to version 1.2

Web Hook Referral Open API Spec

The web hook referral option sends a JSON payload to your specified HTTP endpoint. Click below to view the Open API Spec definition for the web hook referral.

Example Email Content

You can download some example email contents here.

Legacy Email Referrals

The filenames used on Legacy Email Referrals are: –

  • GML – {{Job_Number}}_{{CRS}}.gml (e.g. 40002204_MGAZONE56.gml)
  • XML – {{Sequence_Number}}_{{Utility_ID}}.xml (e.g. 600123456_80010.xml)
  • GIF – {{Job_Number}}.gif (e.g. 40002204.gif)
Enquiry Confirmation Email

The enquiry confirmation email is sent to the enquirer each time they lodge an enquiry.

The attached PDF has the filename {{Job_Number}}.PDF (e.g. 40002204.PDF).

Note: the email body content for the enquiry confirmation email is currently under final review and may change. Updates will be included here.

We do not recommend parsing of the PDF attachment. Response collation applications should consider subscribing to the enquiry:create web hook or calling the get enquiry details API instead of parsing the PDF.

Example Web Hook Payloads

7 replies on “Referral Specification”

Thank you for your quick response, that is great to know, can you also do a search for VIC with just the lot numbers only as well, or to define the property you also need to include the PS or TP number?

Another quick question, If my internet is not working, as I live in a rural area, and sometimes the internet goes down, will I be able to contact the contact centre and ask them to lodge the enquiry on my behalf, as I am not very computer literate, and am not good with Iphone apps, and if so will the number be the same as 1100

Hi … it will be possible to request this service via the help desk. Under the new arrangements, your request will be passed along to your local state Dial Before You Dig office and they will lodge the enquiry on your behalf. You should be prepared for a longer wait in these scenarios and you need to be aware that the responses from members are still going to come back to you via email.

I’m having issues opening the sample GML. Get errors in QGIS, FME, and MapInfo. ArcGIS Pro won’t open a GML directly, have to have the interop extension. Also tried to create a GML using the sample text in A.3 and adding a polygon definition in the appropriate spot. Couldn’t get that to work either.

Has anyone else had issues with this?

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