Next Generation DBYD

Referral Service of the Future is NOW

Next Generation Dial Before You Dig is coming 2021. Dial Before You Dig is about to do so much more. A one-stop digital platform for information where everyone benefits; tools and services to prevent damage to vital utilities right across Australia is coming soon.

The Referral Service of the Future is NOW, click here to read more.

Delving into the Digital

In 2017, Dial Before You Dig instigated a project to ‘future-proof’ the service and realise the potential to expand the service using modern technology. To initiate this future-proofing a roadmap was developed to guide the process of improving the service. The roadmap will improve on the existing core service and deliver a digital platform, which in turn will deliver additional upstream and downstream services to help users and asset owners protect underground assets. The digital platform is all aimed at enabling future technologies to enhance the service, through the creation of a damage prevention community. We are delighted that our large owning asset Members, as well as other stakeholders have welcomed the move to improve the service and have contributed feedback to this major undertaking.

Looking Abroad for Examples of Best Practice

Dial Before You Dig is a trusted and highly recognised brand, covers the whole of Australia and provides a reliable referral service to our users. The Dial Before You Dig service in Australia is widely regarded as a world-leader, however we did look overseas for other examples of best-practice. There are other similar global services including that in the Netherlands where there is a greater level of internet enablement. The Netherland’s system allows a two-way information flow, which improves the capacity to incorporate feedback from contractors and asset owners about the location and condition of underground assets. The Netherlands service, whilst covering a much smaller and different geography is regulated by government to use sophisticated applications to identify where the assets are underground, and record when they are not where the asset owner thinks they are. Historically, a lot of asset owners have a general idea of where their assets are located, but sometimes that is not accurate, and that is one of the big challenges we face. We hope the new digital platform-based service will improve the way we capture feedback from contractors and excavators who are actually doing the field work

It is all in the Timing

The new digital platform is on schedule to be rolled out in 2021. The Dial Before You Dig board endorsed the roadmap earlier this year and the project has now progressed to the point where implementation will commence in July. We will be engaging with vendor partners to design and test the future service in parallel with the current service to ensure that by July 01 2021, the system is proven and ready to go.

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